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Costa Games

Costa Games

Costa GamesAre you looking for free spins bingo that offers deposit bonus on top of that? Well, you found it – welcome to Costa Games, online bingo where players get 5 free spins just for signing up. Anything else? Of course! Costa Games also offer 100% bonus + 100 free spins if you deposing! As low as £10!

Sign up now for 5 FREE SPINS!

Costa Games is a spin-off of their other brand called Costa Bingo. While Costa Bingo offers mobile app, Costa Games does not but they do focus on a larger variety of games.

What games does Costa Games offer?

Costa Games offer a massive selection of games – from spin and win, penny casinos to proper bingo where you can win big.

The website is powered by Dragonfish software. That means that it is very easy to use the site.

Requirements for Costa Games

In order to register, you need:

  • to be 18+ years young
  • provide card for verification (they won’t charge it)

For this, you will get 5 free spins. In order to get 100% deposit and 100 free spins, you need:

  • deposit at least £10 (£5 is minimum deposit. It will not grant free bonus though)

Why Bingo and Slot games?

Well, this site provides online bingo and casino games with a large selection of games. In bingo, you can win or you can lose. You should gamble responsibly. Amongst hunders of games that are offered here, you will definitely find your own gem, the one that you feel most confident with.

Bingo games are games where you have to guess the right numbers. The caller will call the numbers and if you mark off all the numbers, you are the winner of the game.

Slot machines are slightly different. In slot machines, you pull the leaver and depending on what kind of slot machine you use, usually you need to match a line wit hthe same amount of cash … or symbol.